Walter Rolfo is a television author, television presenter and Italian an illusionist.

Early career
He began his interest in magic and illusion at the age of twelve under the guidance of Enzo Pocher, Victor Balli and Don Silvio Mantelli. In 1993 he won the competition for magicians Kings Magicians (broadcast on Rai 1) and Chabernot trophy in Rome. Since then he has participated in several TV shows and has performed in many festivals and magic conventions. In 2001, after graduating in Management Engineering from the Polytechnic of Turin, he started working in Rai as an author alongside Michele Guardì. In 2003 he joined the experimental structure of Rai Due, under the direction of vice Gian Stefano Spoto, where he managed projects and programs and also worked as an author and presenter.

Television programs – A Short History
2005 Rolfo wrote Bye Bye Baby (Rai 2);
2006 he wrote and conducted Arcana (Rai 2).
2009 he wrote and conducted the reality show which can be seen in viewfinder (Sky).
2010 he created Masters of Magic (Rai 2).
2011 he wrote and conducted The Secret (Rai 2) and designed Cartoon Magic (Rai 2).
2013 he created and produced The Great Magic - The Illusionist (Channel 5).
2015 he produced Masters of Magic - the 26th world championship of magic (Channel 5)

Illusionism – A Short History
In 2008 Rolfo became president of the Congress of Magic Saint-Vincent. In 2012 he was Artistic Director of the Festival MagiKro of Crotone. He chaired the organizing committee of the 26th World Championship of Magic, the world championship of magic, organized by Masters of Magic for the Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Magiques, (FISM) held in Rimini from 6 to 11 July 2015.

Shows and conferences
Walter has performed over 200 one-man shows around the world for "INGANNI - Manual of defense," written with Alessandro Marrazzo. This is an inquiry-show on the mysteries of the mind and human perception. In 2014 he participated as a speaker at TEDxTrastevere with a lecture entitled "The Art of Creating the Impossible" during which he told of his experience on board of the Costa Concordia, when it sank on January 13, 2012.

Corporate Training
Walter is currently a consultant for multinationals such as HP, WIND, Glaxo, Galderma, DNV-GL, and BNL, providing them with his experience in the way he thinks outside the box, thus helping them to achieve their strategic objectives. As CEO of WoWsrl, a consulting society that operates in the fields of management and communication, he has conducted a series of training courses in Russia at the Association of Communication Directors and Corporate Publishing AKMR.

Guinness Book of Records
Walter Rolfo holds three Guinness World Records:
2008 the highest number of rabbits pulled out of a hat:
2010 for the largest number of magicians involved in a magic show;
2011 the highest number of glasses - 66 - broken only with the power of thought.
2015 for the biggest magic show ever

Special Awards

Member of the Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star
"This is in recognition to your services to magic in the wake of your presidency of the acclaimed 26th FISM event last month and the success of your Masters of Magic project"
Scott Penrose MIMC
The Magic Circle President

Wizard Trophy
"For your contribution to the Magic World"
Levon Bakunts
Paraton Entertainement

arte di realizzare l'impossibile arte di realizzare l'impossibile

TV Shows



Live Show
Theatre Show

26° World
of Magic

of Magic

Tv Shows

In 2006, "ArcanA" was born. The program, written and produced by Walter Rolfo on RAI DUE, sanctioned the return of magic on TV after more than 25 years.
His insight was confirmed by the extraordinary response from the public, with viewing peaks of 25%.
"ArcanA" was the first of several television productions signed by Walter Rolfo: 500 episodes follow on SKY, 120 episodes, 6 and 3 special prime time on RAI DUE, culminating with 5 prime times on channal 5.
Walter Rolfo’s TV programs have always exceeded their share of network public viewing time, confirming the success of his philosophy: renew in the new millenia a unique and innovative magical art form.

MindMaster Live


Designed and conducted by Walter Rolfo, it was the first Magic documentaty show in the World.

Masters of
Magic 2008

The anthology of Italian magic, repeated 575 times in the world.

Masters of
Magic 2010

The Oscar World of Magic, presented by Raul Cremona and Mr. Forest.

Masters of
Magic 2011

After the success of the previous year, the magic telecast began in the early evening.

Masters of Illusion

The now historic "Masters of Magic Awards" calling on Channel 5 for a show even more rich and amazing.

Masters of Magic the Secret

A journey to discover the "Secret World" in which lies real and surreal stories of Extraordinary Men.

Cartoon Magic

A special and ecological “hocus-pocus” school. The art of recycling told through the metaphor of magic.

La Grande Magia
The Illusionist

The first "Magic Talent Show" in history. The award for the winner was the chance to become a star in Las Vegas.

Tu si que vales & Italia's Got Talent

Walter Rolfo gave his artistic advice for the cast of the latest editions of the famous Italian TV show "... GOT TALENT" and "SI TU QUE VALES"


Arcana Ep 1

Arcana Ep 2

Arcana Ep 3

Arcana Ep 4

Arcana Ep 5

Arcana Ep 6

Arcana Ep 7

Masters of Magic 2008

Masters of Magic 2010

Masters of Magic 2011

Masters of Illusion

Masters of Magic - The Secret

Cartoon Magic

La Grande Magia - The Illusionist


Walter Rolfo has developed a new way to create and understand public speech. As an author and television host, he has learned how to create paths from the original content of a theme to the required needs.
The content enhanced by a short introduction that, thanks to the strong emotional impact, increases the effectiveness of the message.
This makes his approach unique and Walter Rolfo one of the most requested and appreciated speakers.

Walter radiates energy both personally and professionally. His great ability to grasp customer needs, allows him to build training sessions 'tailored' expertly to work with his messages. In addition to his creativity and strong interpersonal skills, are the ingredients of successful training, both nationally and internationally .

Luisa Grottola
Regional Marketing
& Communication Manager


Walter Rolfo was a key note speaker for TedXTrastevere "Drops of Life" at the conference "Drops of Enchantment"

“Changing the conditions is the secret to being happy” Walter Rolfo was invited as a speaker at the TEDx TRASTEVERE, whose theme "DROPS OF LIFE" was key in his speech "DROPS OF ENCHANTMENT", the art of achieving the 'impossible and how to choose to be happy.

Networking Day
Evolution Forum

Magic meets San Patrignano.
Walter Rolfo was the surprise guest of the day at Networking, organized in San Patrignano by Evolution Forum.. Everyone was fascinated and amused with his speech. A packed auditorium was charm by the surprises brought forth by illusionism Rolfo. They listened to storytelling of the "impossible" becoming reality, demonstrated with a mixture of magic, charm and surprises that thrilled. “It is a great pleasure to be here, I got goose bumps when I arrived. It is one of the best experiences of my life” - began the famous illusionist in front of the packed house of San Patrignano. The best gift that magic has given me was teaching me that nothing is impossible. Today I discovered that you realize the impossible every day. Here in San Patrignano I heard all your warmth and your great energy. We are indebted to this applause.



It is possible to achieve the impossible.

Creator with Rampin Matteo and Pasquale Acampora, this is the Think Strange® Philosophy. A revolutionary approach to training, supported by a sound scientific basis, Rolfo wants his messages conveyed through real, formative moments of the show, built specifically to customer requirements. The emotional aspect becomes the penetrating power of the message, increasing the effectiveness and understanding. The goal is to enhance the strengths of the group through team building with innovative linked illusionism that enhances lateral thinking typical of the magicians. It allows you to more easily overcome difficult times in the company, to improve the quality of work and the climate within the working groups, and thereby perform better and achieve the impossible ...

We organized everything in our lives, even the hijacking of a plane, but never before has an audience been so struck by an notion!

Dario Dari
Event Manager, Sponsor,
Communication and Advertising
Wind Telecomunicazioni

A new and unconventional product at the highest level

Marco Losito
Marketing Manager
Owned Dealer Europe
FIAT Motor Village

He perfectly intertwined spectacular and corporate messages. It is a perfect mix of team building and entertainment

Pier Benzi
Design and Creative Director

like a

The concept is innovative: it is a show that goes beyond the show, becoming first investigation and training / team building, then it has 'been designed for people who like to change culture through entertainment and for those who believe that science and technology, can also be extraordinarily fun and interesting.

What makes "Thinking like a Magician" special is that its artistic soul can convey even the most difficult content, making it attractive to all types of audiences.

Defense manual

Teather Show
One Man Show by Walter Rolfo
directed by Alessandro Marrazzo

Is the brain really a perfect machine?
Does what we see really exists or is reality just a figment of your perceptions?

INGANNI, written by Alessandro Marrazzo is the latest provocative theatrical production of Masters of Magic It is the synthesis of 11 years of studies and research in the field of perception and neuroscience.

Viewers are catapulted into a dimension in which they begin to question their ability to perceive reality. The show explores the mysteries of the human mind, using the skills of the most knowledgeable along with the techniques of engagement to condition our brain: the magicians.

For millennia, magicians have acted on perception, influencing minds, foreseeing the future, and have always been the greatest experts in the art of deception.

In "INGANNI - Manual of defense", these techniques become a show, revealing how to defend against attacks of which our mind is a daily victim, from love to politics, from marketing to information, we are all affected. Without exception.

The frontier of mentalism, supported by a strong scientific basis.

President of
26° World
of Magic

The World Championship of Magic was founded in 1948 and is now in its 26th edition. It takes place every three years in a major capital of the world and has always been the breeding ground of the greatest artists of illusion. For the first time in the history of the World Championship of Magic it will take place in Italy and Masters of Magic is the organizing committee of this unique event. Walter Rolfo is the first Italian in FISM history to have been given the honour of hosting the most important magical event in the world organization

Masters of

Worldwide leader in organization of magic live events and tv shows

Masters of Magic is the point of reference in Italy and abroad, for live events and TV related to illusionism. Brainchild of Walter Rolfo in 2008, to date it has produced more than 1800 performances and boasts on its networks over 1350 artists. By using the techniques of the "Think Strange" ® he has created shows for big events and designed training sessions and unconventional communication for companies.